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Fun Water Playgrounds to Keep You Cool All Summer

CATEGORY / Park Equipment, Water Play, Waterplay

A fun aquatic play environment goes as far in the summer as a humongous water balloon fight or a day at the lake, complete with paddle boats and all. These destination sites are pretty much amazing and all enjoy their attractive water jets and alluring fountains. So gather round frog and flower sprayers alike and cool off with all your friends and family at the local water spray park today. If designing a new water spray park for your community, you may want to keep a few things in mind… 

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The Ideal Playscape, A Festival of Fun… A Culmination of Playgrounds

CATEGORY / Miracle Recreation, Playground Equipment, Water Play, Waterplay

Creating an ideal place for children should be a priority for all communities. This place needs to be more than anything safe and healthy. It also needs to be accessible to the majority of the public in terms of location. Costs need to be manageable as well, both in upfront costs and in long-term maintenance. Once these basic requirements have been met, the final piece of the puzzle can be fit into place… the fun… the excitement… the entertainment. There is a way to satisfy everyone’s playground demands for fun, and that is by including all three playground types in a single site. 

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