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Natural playgrounds are designed with sustainability in mind.  They are made with the highest quality wood or other nature-inspired materials and focus on providing a high play value.  We want children to grow up in a space where they can discover, learn and challenge themselves - entirely naturally.  We want children's imaginations to go wild and to challenge their creativity and stimulate their motor skills.  The basic concept of Nature Play is playing "without rules" which the children create by themselves without outside control. Specifically, this means that we offer nature playground equipment which can be used in as many ways as possible.

Photo Credit:  Lisa Winner Photography

Photo Credit:  Lisa Winner Photography



1.  Makes Kids Healthier             

Regular habits of active play during childhood are one of the    best predictors of active adulthoods. 

2.  Makes Kids Smarter                     

The variety provided by nature stimulates and develops a child’s body and offers an added boost to the development of the brain.  

3.  Makes Kids Feel Better        

Outdoor play in green settings reduces the symptoms of    attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children.

4.  Good For The Earth           

Frequent, unstructured childhood play in natural settings has    been found to be the most common influence on the development of life-long conservation values.


Photo Credit:  Lisa Winner Photography



Robinia Wood

  • Highest pressure and bending strength and is suitable for making playground equipment due to its durability in contact with the soil

  • Robinia logs consist entirely of heartwood

  • In untreated condition, Robinia will first get a golden color, and then turn grayish like any other untreated wood

  • Norna products are sustainably harvested and FSC-certified

Cedar Wood

  • Has a smooth and soft finish

  • Lighter than hardwood but it’s not weak due to this lightness

  • Resistant to rot when it comes into contact with the soil

  • Natural insect and water repellant making it a low-effort choice

  • Recyclable and sustainable



  • Lightweight synthetic concrete sandstone textured material molded into solid play structures and site furnishings

  • Patented process of cellular concrete, polymer additives, molds, sand, air bubbles, and sandblasting

  • Non-abrasive climbing grip offers safety and durability

  • Does not crack or shatter

  • Major advantages - solid, heavy structures that are of uniform composition and color throughout


  • Easy to maintain – quick repairs

  • Creates a sense of adventure

  • Good sightline and visibility for parents watching kids play

  • Good exercise, activates core muscles, balance

  • Challenges older kids, multi-level age range playability

  • Encourages kids to be risk takers!

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

  • Lightweight, durable material that can be cast into nearly unlimited shapes, colors and textures

  • Look of real wood with manufactured product

  • Endless theme options

  • Sustainable - uses less cement than equivalent concrete and often uses significant quantities of recycled materials


Wood Fiber

  • Has high impact absorbing qualities yet firm, slip resistant surface that, if properly installed, will meet accessibility guidelines

  • Pure natural material means no negative health or environmental effects

  • Economical and easy to maintain

Artificial Turf

  • Cleaner than wood fiber, dirt and real grass

  • Tough and long lasting

  • Little to no maintenance

Rubberized Surfacing

  • Economical, quick to install

  • Wide range of color and design options

  • Accommodates foot and wheel traffic (ADA)


  • Endless opportunities for imaginative play

  • Great tactile and sensory play

  • Economical and easy to install


For more information about our Nature Play offerings and the types of materials used in the products, please take a look at our Nature Play Presentation below.  If you would like an in person presentation please contact your local Sales Representative.  

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At Miracle Playsystems we are committed to making the process of planning and purchasing a playground fun and easy. To help simplify planning your play environment we have compiled literature to guide you through all stages of your project from planning and design, to funding and purchasing, all the way through installation and long term maintenance.  For more information about Embankment Slides please see the Presentation below.  If you would like an in person presentation please contact your local Sales Representative.  

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