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At Miracle Playsystems, we not only provide you with design services and equipment, but we offer our clients a turn-key solution to their playground projects. Whether you are working on a playground, a waterplay environment, a public plaza, a skate park or any other play environment, we can provide the services required from start to finish. As general contractors, we pair with the region’s best contractors and installers to assure that your project is built by the best in the business. By allowing us to provide you with a turn-key solution, we can streamline the process to make your playground vision a reality!

Community Building Projects

Bringing community members together to build their own playgrounds gives your community the opportunity to feel a sense of pride in their parks and to strengthen their connections to one another. Considering a community build project can be a cost-saving opportunity for your project and can help to put the value of your project into the play value of the play equipment.

Contact us if you want to know more about considering a community build for your playground or getting involved in an upcoming community build near you.

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