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Our passion for building playground equipment is driven by the love of playing. Our goal is to participate in physical and social development of children. We design places that make time stops for a moment to let the children play in an environment imagined for them. The environments we create are not only there for the actual community, but are a legacy for future generations.

At ElephantPlay, we focus on offering a unique play experience. Our playground equipment is designed to stimulate the children to communicate and participate; every corner is made to improve child’s development.

Outdoor Learning with Elephant Play!

Elephant Play Products are perfect for Outdoor Learning Environments!  Check out these designs using Elephant Play Cube Seats and Tables!


Elephant Play's Mission

Playing is a fundamental aspect of children’s development, helping them physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Playing does not only participate in energy expense and physical enhancement, it’s also the key to children’s comprehension of their surrounding world and their thinking structure.

Kids don’t only need to touch, explore and manipulate things, they also need to experiment relations with others to understand their surroundings. Well designed playgrounds make children experiment trying, failing and trying again… to finally succeed! It is essential to make them learn their boundaries so they may evolve. The equipment’s quality and diversity, in a playground area, directly affect how children play and interact with each other (Moore, 1997; Dockett & Fleer, 1999; Hart 2002; Solomon 2011).

The art of building a playground is the capacity to offer to children an environment encouraging physical, social and cognitive developments.

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