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NORNA PLAYGROUND's vision is to produce safe, natural play equipment for creative children. 

We guarantee that all our products that at least meet the applicable requirements for a safe playground. NORNA-PLAYGROUND's play equipment is FSC certified.


The SMART ROBINIA® drilling system has been developed by NORNA PLAYGROUNDS over several years. This means that today, as the only ones on the market, we have a modular drilling system for Robini wood. It allows us to drill two completely unique strains completely the same every time. This offers many benefits throughout the value chain, from production to installation.

Traditionally, installing Robinia playgrounds requires a great deal of knowledge about both products and the playground standard EN 1176. In addition, it also requires that you have several types of special tools. All three requirements are reduced by using a SMART ROBINIA® pre-drilled product.

• All holes are drilled.
• Brackets are fitted.
• Each post is labeled for easy identification.


The pre-drilled holes also ensure that the positions of the posts are correct at all times and are arranged in accordance with the requirements of EN 1176. There is thus no risk of creating an accidental clamping trap in connection with the installation.


A SMART ROBINIA ® pre-drilled playground solution requires few tools to install .t means that there is no need for special tools. Most often, Robinia posts need to be adjusted during installation. This processing requires several special tools, such as drills, countersinks, grinding and cutting machines, etc.

See photo for comparison of tool requirements for a NORNA PLAYGROUNDS Robinia Tire Swing, LE20200 with and without SMART ROBINIA® pre-drilling.

norna_playground_payoff_pan_pos (1).jpg
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