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Built for Play. Built to Last.

We know that designing and building a playground is a complex series of decisions and choices. The neighborhood or school community needs to have a say, and it needs to be built to last. It's a significant investment, and while the design has to be well-planned, at the heart of it is the equipment itself. Are there manufactures that build sturdy, safe and engaging structures that will withstand the elements? when it comes time for kids and their caregivers to get into the game you want to know the structures will stand up to rough play and the elements.

Commercial Playground Equipment that provides both mental and physical challenge is what we believe in, and our structures stand up to the most difficult challenges. If you’re ready to share your goals about your project just visit our contact page to find a sales representative that works in your community -- we work all across Northern California. Our values are construction knowledge, landscape design and a passion for play -- we bet you’ll appreciate the experience.

Our work is custom, designed to integrate into the environment in a way that enhances the natural world. How will people flow through the spaces? Where will rainwater flow, and are there enough benches, shade structures, and amenities to accommodate the crowds on a sunny weekend? These are just a few of the questions to consider when thinking about playground design and choosing playground equipment for your project.

The CPSC and Safety


The The National Program for Playground Safety -- or CPSC -- maps research and best practices with national rules and processes, standards, and local laws to ensure safe, exceptional, and inclusive playground spaces. We work with our peers in industry to follow guidelines for public commercial playground equipment in parks and child care facilities, as well as town-home play areas and other area of public use.

We believe that safety is critical to enjoyable play, and that value comes through in every project. Miracle Playsystems is recognized for minimizing design costs and maximizing your the spaces for play with our software that's clear down to the last detail. We can work together with your team, or you can share with us your preferences. Its' up to you. We can also conduct a personal learning-event in your offices. Click here to explore our play equipment designs and products!

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