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The Importance of Play and Nature

Welcome to the Miracle Playsystems Best Practices Series. This article series digs-into the design, strategy and joy of playground design in outdoor play areas. We'll explore what engaging nature can mean for social and intellectual development, and how our unique approach to selecting outdoor playground equipment for our clients leads to award-winning projects and big smiles.

You don't have to be a professor to appreciate the value of play opportunities in nature, and the positive impact they can have on the mind and social development. The challenge can come when too much structure in the play -- often asked by parents and teachers -- removes some of the joy and developmental benefits. Cities large and small invest in outdoor playground equipment as a way to bring communities together. After all, the health benefits are huge, and the opportunity for new friendships by children and adults is another big benefit.

If you value the importance of play outdoors, where children can engage one another in park playgrounds that inspire creativity and collaboration, visit our contact page to find a sales rep near you and start a conversation. that works in your community. Our passions are kindness, design knowledge and construction expertise -- you’ll appreciate the experience from your very first contact.

 Outdoor Playground Equipment and Social Development


The most promising research around play out of doors is related to visual and motor skills - gross and fine motor. We don't know as much through research about how the brain develops when exposed to play in nature, but if we trust our instincts we know it's nothing but positive.

At Miracle we love designing nature play -- parks, playgrounds and environments that blend the physical world and build environment in exciting ways. Immersive Natural Play is feeds the soul, increase creativity and problem-solving skills. Our outdoor playground equipment also often includes unique structures like net play. Yes, play on nets that involves climbing, hanging and navigating challenges boosts confidence and helps young people conquer fear. In our parks we see preschool age children, elementary school aged kids and even big kids moving with energy and passion around playground nets.

The benefits of outdoor play in our parks and neighborhoods are numerous. Explore how our playground design approach, project management knowledge and construction expertise create change.

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