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Creating inclusive, innovative and exciting playgrounds to enrich communities is our passion. Our dedicated team of sales, design, and playground construction experts will help you through each phase of your project, ensuring the utmost quality, value, and outstanding customer service.

Our creative staff continually educates clients on the newest trends in playscape design and cost-effective ways to use them. Designing compliant and exciting play spaces and providing exceptional customer service are always our primary concerns.


Miracle Playsystems is built on a foundation of playground construction knowledge and interest in design innovation. Initially establishing Miracle Construction Company in 2004, Kit Steven started out in the construction industry installing playgrounds. He moved from construction to sales by purchasing the Northern California Miracle Recreation distributorship and formed Miracle Playsystems Inc. Tracey Lydon became an owner and partner in 2015 bringing her background in design, project management and education. The company has grown and expanded the territories over the years through acquisitions from Dale Green Associates, John Harris Associates,  John Edwards Associates and the most recent addition of Cascade Recreation.

We now provide excellent customer service from California’s Central Coast, Bay Area, Central Valley, and up through the Pacific Northwest to the Canadian border.  Our team is a diverse group of dedicated playground enthusiasts with backgrounds in sales, landscape architecture and project management. We are now the largest play equipment design, distribution, and specialty contracting firm serving Northern and Central California, Oregon, and Washington, providing public agencies and architects with unique and visually stunning design solutions.

history of our company

Tracey truly believes that good planning and design can have a positive impact in one's community. This belief informs everything she does at work, from being a great listener to efficiently managing playground construction projects, to coaching others in the office, to pushing herself and the team to become more knowledgeable and experienced professionals. She possesses an impressive balance of practicality, patience, idealism, intelligence, and industry that has resulted in her becoming our firm's leader for informed design and community-driven projects.

Together Kit and Tracey have established a management style that is supportive and puts the customer’s experience first and they have an outstanding reputation for excellent customer service.

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