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Saratoga Park

El Dorado Hills

Saratoga Park is the first park installed in the newly developed Saratoga Estates. Elliott Homes is the developer of this exclusive gated community in El Dorado Hills. The developer and El Dorado CSD brought in Fuhrman Leamy Landscape Architects and Miracle Playsystems to design and install this one of a kind, turn-key park. There are many large, eye-catching pieces such as the Mega Tower play structure in the heart of the playground, a Mantis Zipline and the coolest wavy hill-slide at the far corner. Kids scramble up the hill on either side and slide down the slide while having the time of their lives! The Mega Tower has multiple ways to climb and kids brave the heights to slide down one of the 3 steep slides. The Mantis zipline has a wait line a mile long. There is also an Accelerator swing which pushes the bar with how high you can fly! Finally, kids have fun spinning the day away on the Cyclo Cone Spinner. Kids come from all over the community to see the coolest playground around!

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