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McClatchy Park


McClatchy Park’s renovation was completed on it’s 125 year anniversary (1889 to 2014). The renovation included children’s theme playgrounds as well as an “Oak Park/Joyland“ entry archway based on McClatchy’s amusement park history. The structure in the older children’s playground is designed to look like the original wooden roller coaster, “Scenic Railway;” also included is a streetcar with trolley tracks and larger than life popcorn, ice cream cone, and candy apple sculptures. The tot lot looks like a carnival area, with a miniature railway, and has a small zoo of life-size concrete animals. The water spray structures are carousel-themed.

Other amenities include: Basketball courts, butterfly garden with interpretive signs, Disk golf course (9 hole), jogging path with fitness equipment, picnic pavilion, skate park, tennis courts and water play area.​

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