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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

We've been eagerly awaiting the release of Mini City by Miracle Recreation and are excited to introduce this brand new product to our customers. Mini City was designed to fill a need in the early childhood market for rich, imaginative play with a strong child development foundation.

The Magic of Pretend Play!

For young children, "playing house" is playing life. When kids engage in pretend play they're rehearsing the roles they see all around them, testing out different criteria according to the story-lines they create. As kids practice different roles, their brains create new connections. Mini City was designed to support the learning and development processes of early childhood.

Miracle Recreation collaborated with child development and inclusive play experts to ensure the design of Mini City supports the developmental needs of kids in the 2-5 age range, whether they're typically developing or have disabilities.

The Collection

Mini City consists of eight unique play structures designed to spark the imagination and support a child's development. It's also designed to make it easy for accompanying adults to participate in the play if they wish. Mini City is crafted to suggest buildings in a friendly community environment.

Mini City supports the six stages of play. Miracle Recreation worked with early childhood consultants to consider all the important developmental play milestones for the 2-5 age group.

The six stages of play are: Unoccupied Play, Solitary Play, Onlooker Play, Parallel Play, Associative Play, and Cooperative Play. Mini City also encourages the progressive development of key gross motor skills including: crawling, pulling oneself up, standing while holding on, walking while holding on, walking independently and climbing. Children learn best by manipulating items with their hands. This experience makes play meaningful and interesting, which is why Mini City is designed with a lot of things kids can touch and move instead of relying on static graphics.

Community Helpers

Community Helpers is a patent-pending design that gives kids a stage to emulate everyday heroes. Miracle Recreation took inspiration from the people that children recognize as helpers in their own communities—police, doctors, and firefighters—and introduced interactive elements that provide cues for children to establish their own play narrative.

Every detail of Community Helpers was carefully planned. A built-in transfer point provides an opportunity for children to transfer out of their wheelchair to access the interior and go down the slide.  The interior stairs are designed extra wide and deep so children who may not be able to walk can easily crawl up to the slide. Generous openings are designed so caregivers can be involved in the play if they choose.


The Truck is the perfect complement to the Community Helpers play structure. It's a patent-pending design with numerous interactive elements and a lot of play value. Every detail of the Truck was carefully planned to be engaging and inclusive. Interaction occurs at ground level, making it broadly accessible. The generous interior space is designed to accommodate everyone, including those with wheelchairs who can wheel in and join in the play.


Kids love to "play house"; they pretend to cook, clean, care for pets, and tend to the garden. The Playhouse is a patent-pending design that sets the stage for kids to create their own life stories through imaginative role-play in exciting detail.

Every detail of the Playhouse was carefully planned to be engaging and inclusive. Openings are designed to accommodate a user with a wheelchair and allow caregivers to be involved in the play. Manipulative items along the exterior are located at the ideal height and reach range for universal access. Wide openings and perforated roofing materials promote airflow, interior light, and clear lines of sight. 

Garden Crawl Tunnel

Not simply another crawl tube, the Garden Crawl Tunnel adds to the story of Mini City with styling that speaks the same design language as other features in the collection. 

Children love to hide in small, cozy spaces. The Garden Crawl Tunnel gives them that opportunity while making it possible for a caregiver to keep an eye on them at all times. The 42" long design can accommodate several children at once, making it a great social space too.

Manipulative garden-themed objects on the end panels are located strategically within the reach range for the target age group, and a trail of tiny paw prints routed into the floor of the tunnel entices curious gardeners to see where they lead.

Garden Sensory Wall

Available for one (front) or two (front and back) activity inserts, the Garden Sensory Wall is a freestanding element that coordinates with other features in the Mini City collection. Suggesting a clump of shrubbery, the Garden Sensory Wall provides important ground-level play that's accessible to everyone. 

Manipulative objects on the sheet plastic panels are located strategically within the ideal reach range for the target age group. Rope elements provide a hand-grip for children learning to stand and move about on their feet, thus encouraging mobility.

Silly Tree

The Silly Tree features engaging manipulative elements and adds a forest feature to the Mini City collection. The Silly Tree's patent-pending design provides important ground-level play that's accessible to everyone. The opening in the tree is designed so a wheelchair user can pass through or a caregiver can be involved in the play.

Forest-themed manipulative objects on the sheet plastic panels are located strategically within the ideal reach range for the target age group. Rope elements inside the tree trunk provide a hand-grip for children exploring the interior. Silly Tree helps kids recognize nature concepts and act out imaginative scenarios.

Traffic Light

The Traffic Light brings an important play element to the Mini City collection. Though it doesn't feature any moving parts, it provides critical support for imaginative play. Color recognition and sensory stimulation are key benefits of this piece. 

The Traffic Light includes translucent poly-carbonate inserts that emulate the colors on a traffic signal. Children will see the world in fun ways as they look through the colored lenses. 


The Chattery provides a shaded hangout for everyone—parents with infants, grandparents, and caregivers who need a spot to sit while observing little ones at play. Children will also take a break here. 

The Chattery is a natural social hub with an interior designed to support people of all abilities, including those using wheelchairs. It features the same whimsical lines and architectural details as the rest of the Mini City collection, so it fits right in with any scenario you might create. 

Child Development

Mini City supports children in various stages of development, including children with disabilities who are older than age five and are functioning at a younger cognitive level. 


Mini City is designed to enable children with a variety of challenges and capabilities to actively engage in play together. Mini City in its entirety meets the essential requirements of a Playground for All for kids aged 2-5, but adding a few more features can enhance the inclusive environment. Here's an example: add a Ten Spin, add spring riders with body support (Buzzy Bumble Bee, Lucky Lady Bug, or Hoppy Grasshopper), or add swings with multiple seat types. Mini City is designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when installed over accessible surfacing. 

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