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All Good Things Happen Over the Summer

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

As summer winds down we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase what we’ve been up to! Summer is always a busy month for installations and this summer was no exception. We wanted to showcase a few of our favorite park openings as well as some school playgrounds that were built over the summer break. We ended our summer fun with a very special team building experience with Habitat for Humanity and Blue Star Moms. Scroll down to see more!

Projects Coming to Life!

The new Roberts Lake Eco Recreation Station opened to the public this past July with a Ribbon Cutting ceremony attended by locals and children from a local summer camp. The project features a nature-themed playground and an outdoor classroom that will be used to teach kids about ecology. The pieces selected for the project come from our Norleg line of products which are known for their unique, natural looking play equipment. The outdoor classroom programs will be designed to educate people on issues like water conservation, water ecology, and water quality. The City of Seaside, in partnership with Sustainable Seaside, was selected as a Building Better Communities grant recipient from the American Water Charitable Foundation and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) which helps local communities develop environment-based educational play opportunities. These types of play spaces can foster an appreciation for environmental stewardship while providing opportunities for physical activity.

This August the residents of Elk Grove celebrated the renovation of McConnell Park with a fun-filled evening that included activities for the kids and fun for everyone put on by Cosumnes CSD Parks and Recreation! Miracle Playsystems sponsored the event and the guests were treated to free shave ice to help cool them off while they checked out the new park. The 6.6-acre park was originally built in 1995 in the Hampton Village neighborhood of Elk Grove. The revitalization project was made possible by the residents of Hampton Village who voted to increase their annual assessments to fund both the construction and maintenance of the new facilities. The renovated park has something for everyone to enjoy! The playgrounds were renovated with separate areas for 2-5 and 5-12 year olds with customized Miracle play structures with bright, fun colors. The outdoor musical space is a place where people of all ages and abilities can collaborate in creative ways. The Concerto line of instruments from Miracle Recreation will nurture discovery and bring joy to children, families and communities. Adults and children can also come together and work out on the Miracle Recreation Fitness Equipment which is installed around the playground. Wabash benches are placed around the play structures so parents can relax and have a great view of their children playing happily on the new playground. This playground was in need of an update and we think it came together perfectly!

School District Updates

Over summer break while students were enjoying their time off, some School Districts were busy updating their school’s playgrounds. When the kids returned to school this month they were surprised and excited to see some brand new playgrounds! What a great way to start off the new school year!

Brentwood Union School District contracted with RGM for the construction management and Miracle Playsystems for the design, supply, and installation of new play equipment for the entire District to make sure every playground is completely accessible and fun for all students, regardless of ability. This new all-inclusive District standard ensures every student can enjoy the playground at recess. Inclusive products were added throughout the playgrounds including; ramps, structures with accessibility, inclusive slides, under deck activities, pull along, power peddler and synthetic turf. These changes made a huge difference to the student body, especially for one special little boy who was able to use a slide for the first time ever!

Consultant: RGM

Bearsley School District developed a District-wide plan to update all three of their school’s playgrounds. San Lauren Elementary School decided to update their primary age playground with some great pieces including a Boulder Ridge Climbing Wall that kids can climb and scale and a Tarantula Climber that’s a monkey-bar lovers dream. There are so many elements to this structure that give kids more opportunities to climb and explore. The whole structure is covered by shade sails which are a must to keep kids cool in the warm temperatures that Bakersfield is known for.

The school has been undergoing major renovations to the entire school over the past year including expansion and renovation of the entire campus buildings. Included in the renovation plans was a new Kindergarten playground. Construction began this summer and is finishing up just as students returned from summer break. Along with a new play structure, the kids get to play on a giant Lion head! The school’s mascot is the Lions so you know that has got to be a treat for the students. The overall theme leads children back to a prehistoric time with fun elements including paw prints in the rubberized surfacing, diggables in the sand (native ingenious relics and mammoth tusks) and a giant play structure that gives children the feel of climbing on a mountain. Check out this custom Lion head from UPC Parks that was just delivered this week! Landscape Architect: Callander Associates Landscape Architects, Inc.

Frank Zeek Elementary, Ukiah, CA

The booster club worked hard sponsoring Walk-a-thons and Read-a-thons over the last few years to raise money to fund a new play structure to replace some aging swings and tired climbers. They wanted something bright and modern to infuse the play yard with new energy and get the kids excited for recess. Music play and climbing were at the top of their list for the new play area. We accomplished this by including our Miracle Concerto Chimes, Congas and Cabasas as well as a very cool Wavy Wedge Wall Climber. The principal and the boosters are thrilled with the structure and hope to phase in some more items over the next few years.

Playground Needs Assessment

Thinking about updating your School District playgrounds? Some of our School District clients have utilized our FREE Playground Needs Assessments to help them update their school playgrounds. A Playground Needs Assessment provides a comprehensive review of your current play equipment inventory. Utilizing the most current safety and code requirements we evaluate your equipment to determine your long-term and short-term maintenance needs to meet today’s play equipment standards. Contact us today to learn more!

Habitat for Humanity Team Build

Our team stretches across most of Northern California so we sometimes don’t see each other that often. We still try to make time several times during the year to come together for some “Team Building” events. This year we decided to not only “Team Build” but ACTUALLY build something. Miracle Playsystems sponsored two playhouse builds for Habitat for Humanity which partnered with the organization called Blue Star Moms. Our entire team came together in Oakland along with some of our families to spend the day donating our time and skills to help build two playhouses for two special families.

Blue Star Moms are mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, foster mothers and female legal guardians who have children serving in the military, guard or reserves, or children who are veterans. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity, we were able to help out 2 local service member families and their children. Our team came together to paint, build, construct and create these wonderful, unique playhouses. We even had our kids and families participate. The themes were Barnyard and Cowgirl and as you can see we really knocked it out of the park with our designs and personal touches. Presenting the playhouses at the end of the day to the two families was a rewarding experience for all of us. Designing play is what we do so to see first hand how play impacts these children’s lives was a wonderful gift.

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