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Elements of a successful project

The Miracle PlaySystems Best Practices Series of articles explore the theory, practice (and fun) of playground design. In this article we explore what makes a design and build project of playground equipment for schools successful -- from discovery and planning, to structures, accessibility, safety and more.

We understand that each community and the goals of every project are unique, and our expertise includes accommodations for special requests of our customers. Our planning services include site analysis, long-range needs assessments, regulatory laws and considerations. When we work our partners in the schools - facility managers, the office of superintendent, the PTA and parents and community members - to evaluate playground equipment for school,  there are many decisions to be made. Together we consider playground accessibility, budget, even climate to think about standing up to the elements.

If you’re ready to begin a conversation about your project just click over to our contact page to find a sales rep that works in your community. Our values are courtesy, knowledge and a passion for play -- you’ll appreciate the experience from the first call!

We look at current district equipment inventory and evaluate each structure for safety compliance, and we use the industry-standard CMAS pricing contract to save significant cost and time. Like you, we want the kids playing on their new playground as soon as we can make it happen, so working within proper regulations and avoiding the need for public bid requirements is helpful for everyone. Our commitment to strong project management includes collaborating on facility timelines for updating play structures and playground site amenities over a long time-horizon. I’s just smart practice.

Needs Assessments and securing funding for Playground Equipment for Schools


Miracle PlaySystems has been working with all of the stakeholders in the process across Northern California. Our clients in Sacramento, Fresno, Walnut Creek and across the sunshine state value our partnership, including using needs assessments to secure grant and bond funds.


The needs assessment is a pathway to new funding for playground equipment for schools. City and local governments and even school PTA organizations -- many of which have strong project managers supporting their campus community -- complete the assessment and use it to secure new funding. Old, outdated and even unsafe structures can create challenges that carry into the classroom. Injuries, a lack of engagement in physical activity and lost opportunities for the development of creativity and innovation.

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