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Adding Value to our Communities

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

If this last year has taught us anything, it's understanding how much we need human contact and socialization. We didn't realize we craved it until we were told we couldn't have it, at least not in the traditional way. Virtual touch was something we all had to jump on board with, whether we liked it or not. Sometimes virtual contact just wasn't enough, so society got creative and found ways to safely socialize. Neighbors had social distanced happy hours from the safety of their driveways, the term "drive by birthday party" was born, and kids went on walks with their parents around the neighborhood just to get some fresh air and reconnect. The value of our communities became so apparent during these times and we realized how important community is for the health and wellbeing of our society.

Improving Access to Play

Many people are lucky enough to have an outdoor space in their backyard or nearby to visit or play at, but many people; especially those in more urban and high-density areas; don't have this option. There has never been a greater need than now for community spaces where everyone from kids to adults can enjoy easily. We need to look at adding value to our communities by building more neighborhood and community parks, outdoor exercise spaces, and gathering spaces where people can go to connect and explore everything the outdoors has to offer.

Investing in Communities

Miracle Playsystems works with many types of residential communities such as condo buildings, apartment complexes and other housing developments to choose and implement the perfect neighborhood play and site amenities to keep their residents happy. Residents get a safe place for physical activity in addition to elevated property values in the immediate vicinity. These installations make for a smart investment in their residential area.

Let's talk about different ways you can Invest in your Communities. Below we share some ways to improve access to play in many different ways.

Go for a Walk at a Neighborhood Park

A neighborhood park serves the community in more ways than one. Neighborhood parks attract young couples and families and give kids a safe and fun place to play. Many families look for this amenity in their neighborhoods and appreciate a common play area or gathering space where they can get to know their neighbors and build a real sense of community. A lot of neighborhood parks have playgrounds, but usually they offer so much more! Sometimes there are benches or tables for gathering and playing games with your neighbors or friends, there might be some outdoor exercise equipment for adults and seniors to stay active or there might be a great walking trail for walking your dog or going for a run! The possibilities are endless!

Landscape Architects: Fuhrman Leamy Land Group

Play for All - Affordable Housing

Social inequality presents a serious problem for city planners. However, parks could help the situation by providing residents safe spaces to visit. People feel safe in parks. Adding a playground to an affordable housing development takes things a step further. It gives these families a safe place to let their kids hang out, have fun and get some exercise while socializing with their neighbors.

Landscape Architects: Miller Company Landscape Architects

Need for Outdoor Play - Dense Communities

Implementing playground equipment into an apartment complex benefits kids, parents and the apartment community by giving a better sense of community, reducing crime and increasing the value of the complex. Playgrounds in apartment communities give residents a relaxed space to connect, interact and form friendships with their neighbors. More positive interactions gives a heightened feeling of belonging, creating a greater sense of community.

Landscape Architect: Ima Design

Something for Everyone - Mixed Use Developments

Mixed use developments are a combination of residential, commercial, and cultural buildings that are planned within a city. They can range from a single building to an entire neighborhood and are usually developed to correspond to the needs of the location and demographic of the area.

Mixed use developments have a variety of advantages such as home affordability and walkability between housing and amenities. The developments are usually public transit-friendly which minimizes the need for a car and most residents walk from work or their homes to eat, shop, or play. By reducing the need for travel, mixed use developments bring a shared community space. Things such as plazas, parks, sidewalks and trails foster interaction among community members and encourage people to get outside and mingle.

Developer: Trammell Crow Residential Installers: G&G Builders

Adding Value with Site Amenities

Parks and Playgrounds aren't the only thing that enhances a community space. Simple site amenity additions can elevate a park or other space by adding options for everyone, not just the kids.

Shelter/Shade - Shade is an important addition to a park, playground, community gathering space or resting space. Adding a shade shelter is visually appealing and provides safety from the sun and elements.

Community Fitness - Fitness stations in a park, playground or gathering space adds another level of community engagement. Adults and Seniors love having an option to exercise in their own neighborhoods.

Connecting with Music - Music brings people together so what better way than to include some outdoor musical elements to your park or community gathering space.

Senior Age Fun - Seniors living in community developments need places to gather and socialize almost as much as children do. Adding music, exercise equipment or play pieces gives them a way to engage and connect with others.

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Albina Konovalova
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