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Introducing Miracle Museum!

Introducing Miracle Museum, a new way for children to play their way through a sensory playground of fantastical experiences.

The Collection

Miracle Museum is made up of six enriching products which can be mixed and matched to create the desired design and atmosphere. This customizable approach also makes adding on or updating the museum a simple and straightforward process.

Universal Design

Miracle Museum welcomes those of all ages and abilities to experience the fun, including those who use mobility devices or who have sensory processing disorders. The smart placement of activities encourages everyone to get involved and creates a sense of community.

Miracle Museum is a great space saver as it does not require safety surfacing and can fit in underutilized and neglected spaces. Miracle Museum can give a new purpose to rarely used basketball courts, parking lots, or other forgotten spaces and is a fun yet attractive modern piece in any setting.


Miracle Museum is not only fun but educational. Using a STEAM/STEM approach to learning, the play equipment in this museum is engaging while also emphasizing real-life applications for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Read on to learn how!

Grand Gallery

Children will delight in the wonders of Miracle Museum’s Grand Gallery, where movement and art come together to create sensory and interactive activities for people of all abilities. These ground-level elements are perfect for independent or group play and will encourage children to get to know one another while also being able to play in their own space. Meanwhile, the functionality of the Grand Gallery allows students to see concepts like gravity, momentum, and rhythm in practice to provide endless learning opportunities.

Click HERE to see the Grand Gallery in action!

Check out the video below to experience the calming sounds of the washer drop in the Grand Gallery!

Dynamics Lab

Miracle Museum’s Dynamics Lab invites children to explore the wonders of motion with activities such as the Jingle Drum and Pin Impression. In the lab, students can learn about the laws of motion and put theories such as kinetic energy and force into action while having fun and making friends.

Click HERE to see the Dynamics Lab!

Odyssey Hall

Miracle Museum’s Odyssey Hall provides a walk-through of fun features such as hanging flex treads and vertical roto panels. Children can choose their experience by picking their own track through the maze of activities. Paths are wheelchair accessible and provide stimulation for those with sensory disorders which can improve kids’ coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. The Odyssey Hall can be placed on its own or in multiples to create an even denser and more intricate environment for children to play through.

Click HERE to see the Odyssey Hall in action!

Tranquility Corner

When children tire themselves out or become overstimulated from play or socialization, they can retreat to Miracle Museum’s Tranquility Corner. The colorful tranquility corner is easy to locate in times of stress and is open enough to allow for good visibility and the inclusion of family members or caregivers when additional support is needed. Activities within the tranquility corner are conducive to more quiet, long-term play and can be used by both individuals or groups. This play equipment is simple yet suitable for all ages, and can even teach older kids about sun illumination and the effects of weather.

Click HERE to view the Tranquility Corner in action!


Kids will love the sounds and sights of the SpinAtorium™, an interactive globe filled with beads. Not only is the SpinAtorium™ fun to spin and listen to but the educational benefit of the activity can provide endless hours of learning and conversation about the world and geography.

Engaging individuals, groups, or children and their caretakers, the SpinAtorium™ is a sensory stimulating and engaging piece of play equipment for children of all ages and abilities but has been specifically designed for those 2-12 years of age. The educational benefits of the activity are best for those children 7 and up who can use the globe to identify the continents, oceans, and other geographical features or to put theories about movement, force, and physics into action.

Click HERE to view the SpinAtorium™!

Momentum Corridor

Miracle Museum’s Momentum Corridor is a unique full-body play experience for children of all abilities. Kids can use their arms to pull and push themselves along the rollers with the overhead bars in a way that provides sensory stimulation, exercise, fun, and learning opportunities about force and momentum.

Click HERE to see the Momentum Corridor in action!

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