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Updated: Jan 11

Miracle Museum is a new-to-the-playground-industry children’s museum experience that gives kids the chance to engage in fantastical sensory events. Children touch, listen, see, and play their way through this mesmerizing collection of products.

Universal Design

Miracle Museum was created with universal play principles, meaning it’s appropriate for all ages and abilities—even caregivers can join in the fun! Miracle Museum welcomes all children, including those who use a mobility device. Activities are located within an appropriate reach range so everyone can be involved. It also benefits those with a sensory processing disorder (click HERE for more information on Sensory Processing Disorder). It is engaging, fun, and safe for everyone!


Opportunity for a child's learning to be expanded, or scaffolded, with the help of a more knowledgeable other - like a parent or teacher - is an important benefit of Miracle Museum. This is a feature of the STEAM/STEM learning approach that emphasizes the real-life application of science, technology, engineering, art and math and is based on a four-step process:

The Collection

Miracle Museum features six products that may be mixed and matched for maximum design versatility. Add products from the collection to your existing playground, or include them in a new design, to create a space where kids will want to spend their time exploring. Because most of Miracle Museum products do not require safety surfacing, they can convert under-utilized spaces into sensory rich play areas—think parking lots, old basketball courts, and more! With modern, clean lines, Miracle Museum fits into unique settings such as lobbies, hospitals, waiting areas, and shopping centers.

Grand Gallery

Children will delight in the discoveries—and friends—they make in the Miracle Museum’s Grand Gallery. With interactive features and room for individuals using a wheelchair or other mobility device, Grand Gallery is social fun for everyone! The angular design of Grand Gallery’s walls work cohesively with Miracle’s other play components, and provides ground-level fun everyone can enjoy.

Schools, especially those with a focus on special education or STEAM/STEM, would benefit from Grand Gallery in the following ways: Falling washers and ball drop allow teachers to instruct on the following concepts related to momentum and rhythm; teachers can use the ball drop and falling washers to study the scientific process; a speech-language pathologist or a special education teacher can use the corner mirror to encourage oral-motor skills practice for children with language delays. Click HERE to view video!

View the video below to experience the calming sounds of the washer drop on the Grand Gallery!

Dynamics Lab

Miracle Museum’s Dynamics Lab lets kids experiment with motion—from the Pin Impression to the Jingle Drum, kids will love exploring movement while making new friends. Dynamics Lab is an angular piece of equipment that gives kids the opportunity to test out the basic laws of mechanics in an exciting play setting. Schools, especially those with a focus on special education or STEAM/STEM, would benefit from it.

Schools, especially those with a focus on special education or STEAM/STEM, would benefit from Dynamics Lab in the following way: STEAM/STEM education is supported with the opportunity to teach basic motion concepts such as, moving objects have kinetic energy and force from direct contact causes objects to move. Click HERE to view video!

Odyssey Hall

Miracle Museum’s Odyssey Hall is a sensory walking path packed with fun, tactile features. Hanging flex treads provide deep touch, while vertical roto panels provide texture and color variety. The twisting treads enable multiple play paths, giving children a proprioceptive experience. A wheelchair path ensures everyone is given the chance to explore. The anchored flex treads also provide body resistance which serves as a means of proprioceptive stimulation for the muscles and joints and aiding the development of a child’s coordination and balance. Include multiple Odyssey Halls to create even denser sensory environments! Click HERE to view video!

Tranquility Corner

Miracle Museum’s Tranquility Corner provides a soothing space for children who might be overstimulated by busy playgrounds. Colorful features provide a focal point that becomes a retreat for children if play becomes overwhelming, without having to leave the playground. Tranquility Corner gives families of varying needs and abilities the chance to play together and play longer, without fear of too much stimulation pushing a child over the edge. It provides good lines of sight as well as a tactile calming experience for a child.

For older kids in and above the second grade, this configuration also provides the following STEAM/STEM learning opportunities: the colorful roof and the shape panels support a science lesson on daylight illumination on horizontal, vertical, and sloping surfaces. A teacher can create multiple lesson plans including:

  • sun illumination comparisons of roof and panels during different weather conditions (e.g., sunny, cloudy, rainy)

  • sun illumination comparisons between the roof and the panels, and sun illumination on the equipment’s roof and panels during different times of the school year (e.g., fall, spring, winter). 

Click HERE to view video!


Kids will love spinning the earth while enjoying soothing sounds made by beads. Continents provide opportunities for learning and gameplay! Miracle Museum’s SpinAtorium is easy to spin, and its map of the world create opportunities for conversation and learning. It encourages social play, including solitary and on-looker; sensory play, including auditory and visual; and other types of play, such as functional and symbolic.

The SpinAtorium is designed for kids 2-12 years old. From a learning perspective, it's particularly appropriate for children ages 7 and up since identifying the continents and major oceans are second-grade objectives for social studies in many states. The design of this product also suggests basic physics concepts related to movement and force. However, children younger than 7 years will still have a blast rotating SpinAtorium and experiencing the bead movement. Click HERE to view video!

Momentum Corridor

Miracle Museum’s Momentum Corridor is a unique rolling experience; with overhead bars, kids are able to pull themselves across the full length of this roller table, so they can enjoy a tactile event with gentle bumps. Momentum Corridor is at transfer height, making this a fun, accessible event!

In terms of STEAM/STEM benefits, a teacher could use Momentum Corridor to teach the concept of force to an older child. Click HERE to view video!

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