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Inspiring the Next American Ninja Warrior

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

One of the best measures of the success of a play environment is how long people stay engaged with the space. The greatest factors influencing this are the level of challenge and variety of experiences. Over time children figure out how to use play equipment and the level of challenge decreases and it becomes harder to stay engaged for longer periods of time. When we introduce competition into play the variety of experiences is always changing and stays engaging. Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is a sport in which a competitor, traveling on foot, must overcome various physical challenges. OCR is a great way to stay fit, have fun, meet new friends and thanks to shows and competitions like American Ninja Warrior, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder, Obstacle Course Racing can also make you famous. Miracle Playsystems has several product offerings to help make your next playground design unique, challenging, and just maybe help a child become the Next American Ninja Warrior!

Taking Thrill to New Heights with Extreme Generation (XGEN)

The Miracle Recreation line of Extreme Generation playground equipment features rope-course-inspired events, sky-scraping towers and fully enclosed sky-ways. The XGEN adventure playground gives kids the extreme physical challenges they demand, safely providing the perceived risk that keeps them coming back for more high-flying thrills!

HAGS NRG Trail System

Just like the name implies, the NRG family by HAGS invites the sort of play that gives energy. It offers various forms of balance training, using ropes and steadier surfaces.

HAGS Sport and Fitness

HAGS sport and fitness range is designed to make exercise fun with others or on your own and at your own pace. The products are inviting, user-friendly and offer everyone, of all physical abilities and ages, the opportunity to exercise and build up strength, stamina and coordination. Find more examples of outdoor gym stations, sports equipment and outdoor arenas click HERE!

Norna Playgrounds Nature Play Linear Courses

Norna Playgrounds Trim Trails are a combination of balancing equipment that appeals to different ages, so both children and adults can enjoy the challenges together. They are often installed in schools where the obstacle course trails are used in PE activities. They can also be used as part of a playground or fitness trail for all ages.

Elephant Play Linear Net Play

Elephant Play Climbinet Series helps to encourage kids to reach the top; it doesn't only work on the playground, it also helps them psychologically in real life. It promotes accomplishments in a group dynamic, as well as exhilaration in achieving mutual goals. The Climbinet Series will help children working together to reach the top of a mast net, climbing through wavy structures or defending a fortress of challenging nets, and will encourage them to develop important communication skills.

Elephant Play's Climbitrail Series is designed to stimulate children to climb while moving forward. This line is fully customizable and will definitely suit any playground area. Not only is it perfect to link and accommodate other products, it challenges and gives full training to children. The play value of this series will offer a perfect combination that won’t disappoint.

Rocks and Ropes Obstacle Courses

Rocks & Ropes courses offer climbing, jumping and swinging which can be combined for a challenging and fun adventure. The playgrounds are designed with a "Linked-Play" layout that maximizes the play potential, games, and ways that children can challenge themselves.

Miracle Fitness Clusters

If traditional fitness courses are more your speed, Miracle Recreation fitness clusters offer a wide variety of strengthening opportunities to engage children and adults of all abilities.

Surfacing and Mounding

Playground designs require safety surfacing in most instances so why not use safety surfacing to your advantage as an additional obstacle and play element? Mounds are the new swings and you don’t need elevations changes to make a hill.

At Miracle Playsystems, we work with manufacturers who provide a wide array of products and assist landscape architects in transforming ideas into reality. With the integration of some of these concepts, we can create play environments that truly inspire children to stay fit and have fun and just maybe help a child become the Next American Ninja Warrior! Contact us today!

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