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Best of the Best 2019!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

When thinking back on this past year we can recall so many fun and exciting projects that have come to fruition. We thought it would be fun to remember some of our accomplishments from this year and take a few minutes to celebrate them. Check out our list of the 2019 BEST OF THE BEST TOP TRENDS and see what we consider some of our best projects of the year!


Extreme Playgrounds

The play equipment is the first X-Gen play structure in California. It also has a Gravity Rail which is a swing zip-line, an Aquarius Climber, a DNA Climber, and ADA accessible play equipment. The play equipment is meant to get kids moving and exercising without realizing it. The benches were made in house by the city using recycled materials. The playground was made possible by a generous contribution from the Corcoran Community Foundation.

Inclusive Playgrounds

The City of Rocklin wanted their newest park to be designed specifically for the inclusion of participants of all ages and abilities.  Willard Park is the first park of it's kind in the City.  It features multiple inclusive elements such as rubberized surfacing, ramped entry, musical elements and other sensory rich pieces of equipment.  There is tactile components with the Roller Slide and sand pit. Interactive Play Panels are just the right height for children of all abilities to experience tactile play as well.  The Pull Along is wheelchair accessible and allows children to use their upper body to pull them along the equipment.  The Accelerator Swing is built with a large disk and protective rubber bumper and made for groups of kids to use together.  It helps activate and integrate the important sense of movement and gravity.  The Ten Spin allows children of all abilities to join in the fun by either sitting, kneeling, or standing.  

Check out this fun video from the park grand opening in October!

Nature Playgrounds

Seaside Child Development Center wanted to push the limits of their school's new playground into something different. They decided that they wanted all wood and a natural feel with the equipment.

The designers here at Miracle used different manufactures to create this unique design for them. Elephant Play created some custom Robina wood structures featuring 2 steel slides, nets and under deck seat. The creation of the wooden boat with shade is a big hit with the kids. We used the Norna spider climber that kids can balance on, hang or hid in. The balancing post were simple and yet so effective to allow kids to perch and jump or have a seat. Percussion play musical instruments added to the play area. A large artificial turf mound and steel slide allows kids to climb, slide and work together to conquer the hill.

COMING SOON in 2020!!!

While 2019 was a pretty packed year of exciting projects, we are equally excited about some projects in the works for 2020. Check out these sneak peaks below!

Embankment Slide Play

Mission Hills Big Slide, Pleasanton

Custom Design

Moss Beach Park, Moss Beach


Miracle Playsystems prides itself in being a "one-stop shop" for our clients when it comes to offering all types of equipment you might need to complete your project. We offer everything from play equipment to site furnishings, to custom play equipment to sports equipment and even surfacing and shade! Check out our PRODUCTS page for more offerings like these below!

From everyone at Miracle Playsystems we would like to wish you a wonderful New Year and Happy Holiday season! Thank you for your continued patronage!

Have a new project coming in 2020? Contact us today to set up an appointment with your local sales representative!

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