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Labyrinth Park

Rancho Cordova

Labyrinth Community Park is a 7-acre neighborhood park for residents in the dense Sequoia at Cypress neighborhood to find fun and relaxation. The park is the District's first zipline play equipment, first children's demonstration garden, and one of the region's only labyrinths. It also has meandering pathways, native plants and a multi-use turf area.

Working together with Callander Associates, we designed an eye catching playground with a cool playstructure tower with a long slide coming down. Kids can climb the rope climber or walk across the bridge to get to the top. There are so many fun net play options that kids won't know what to play with first! The Rocks and Ropes elements make climbing and balancing a fun element. The most exciting feature of the park has to be the Mantis Cableway Zipline. The first in the community, it always has a line to use. Kids just love it!

Landscape Architect: Callander Associates

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