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The way we look at our outdoor community spaces has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic.  We all want to do our part to keep our communities safe while still being able to socialize, teach, play and exercise. There are new standards for social interaction which may stay with us for a while if not indefinitely.  We need to look at how we can design outdoor community spaces that fit the new normal of our ever changing world.  


Miracle Playsystems has developed several inspirational design ideas to help move us thru the pandemic and beyond.  Our team of in-house designers have developed these designs to meet several social distance guidelines.  The goal of these designs is to find ways to bring our communities together safely during this unprecedented time. 

These "Miracle Approved Social Distance Designs"

MUST meet at least 3 of the following 6 criteria for approval.


  1. Design allows for social circle distance circulation

  2. Design supports small group instruction

  3. Design includes antimicrobial paint

  4. Design supports small group play with no more than 5 users at a time

  5. Design allows for mobile and flexible use with parts that can be relocated or deployed on a temporary basis

  6. Design allows for routine removal and relocation for easy maintenance, sanitizing and cleaning

We've grouped designs below into 4 categories: 

LEARN (Outdoor Education) 

PLAY (Playgrounds) 

GATHER (Site Amenities/Community Gathering Spaces)

POP UP PARK DESIGN CONCEPT (Temporary Installations)

Outdoor Learning with Convertible Bench
Outdoor Learning Nature
Outdoor Learning Preschool
Outdoor Learning Convertible Bench