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Moss Beach Park

Moss Beach

Moss Beach Park playground is located on 516 Virginia Ave, Moss Beach, CA and was originally built by a community-led non-profit and local residents in 2004 and came under the stewardship of San Mateo County Parks in 2014. For over 15 years it provided a unique and fun play space for children in the community. However, 15 years after its initial construction, the playground has begun to show age and wear. In keeping with the original coastal theme the community loved, San Mateo County Parks decided to make improvements that will maintain the original custom charm of the playground while enhancing play value, safety and accessibility.

The new playground looks like something out of a storybook. The Elephant Play Crow’s Nest Lookout Tower, and the huge Hags castle-like play structure takes kids back to adventures in Middle Age times. UPC Parks concrete cast shipwrecks, and sea animals swimming throughout the park add to the coastal charm. NORNA Robinia wood structures added nature play value and natural elements. The custom coastal themed playground is truly a designation park worthy of a visit for all ages.

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