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Talk about a kids paradise!  Kids are enjoying the recently revamped playground at Sinsheimer Park.  The half-acre playground is a multi-level, action packed hub of activity.  Taking advantage of the sloped site, the design features a 3-story tower, five large slides ranging from 12 to 18 feet tall, a climbing wall, a snowboard simulator, swings and a zipline.  One of the most popular attractions is the synthetic grass covered slope, 14 feet high, that allows kids to free-form slide, roll, and tumble into the protective surfacing below.  You can just picture the squeals of delight coming from the children as they experience all of these fun elements.  The play environment is almost entirely accessible; the exception being the top floor of the tower.  This provides a rare opportunity for mobility-impaired people to enjoy a richer, more integrated play experience.  The park, located next to Sinsheimer Elementary School, is one of 33 in the city and also features a pool complex, baseball stadium, softball field and tennis courts.

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