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Oasis Park

Elk Grove

Oasis Park is a 20 acre community park in Elk Grove. The park is a gathering space for the community and there are so many features to see and use. Two fun elements are these climbers from UPC Parks. The Camel is a fun inviting character who begs kids to jump on for a ride! The details in the painting and tile work is truly one of a kind! The tiles were handmade from Indar Mosaics then hand placed to make a spectacular statement piece. The same goes for the lizard in the sand pit. When looked at up close you can see small details like the alphabet on his lips or the one of a kind tiles throughout his body. He is a fun little guy who gets covered with sand on a regular basis. You can see how dirty he gets below!

Custom Tile Design by Indar Mosaics ​

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