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City Park


This project was truly a community effort. Excited about seeing the playground renovated, community members became actively involved in the equipment selection. The City worked with Miracle Playsystems to make sure that their residents vision was reflected in the equipment chosen. City Park is located in the heart of the historic area of Woodland, California. The existing equipment dated back about 25 years and the City of Woodland received a grant to replace the playground equipment.

Our design team created five options for the site. Those options were narrowed down to three by the City’s staff. We then took those three designs to a neighborhood group. They provided design feedback on the colors and components. We took their comments and revised the final three designs to take to a community event.

The community had a 4 hour window to come by the park and vote on their favorite design. We ended up with over 150 votes residents of all ages including children, parents and grandparents. The Community of the City of Woodland is really having a lot of fun with their new play equipment!

Images credit: Jim Smith – Daily Democrat

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