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Beamer Park


This City of Woodland wanted to revamp this community park which sits in the heart of this charming small town. The park is surrounded by other amenities which are very well used by the community such as a tennis court and city pool. Updating this park was a welcome addition to this central gathering spot for the community. The look of the park is modern and fun with the stone grey colors mixed in with tan and brown, it looks different than any other park in the community. The park features lots of cool elements for kids to have fun with including a Gravity Cube and Wavy Wedge Wall Walker for climbing fun, Pirouette to hop and jump on and Concerto Vibes musical instrument so children can make their own music. There are two playstructures so children of all ages can play together. The toddler playstructure has lots of fun activities like a 360 degree Typhoon slide and tot rock climber. The older kids playstructure has multi-level decks, a 855 degree Typhoon slide, 2 other slides, 270 degree Try Rings, Fossil Bluff Climber and Dome Climber.

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