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Astill Family Park


This 1.5 acre neighborhood park was a long time coming for the local families who waited several years for their dream to become a reality. Originally Pulte Homes was to build the park but the City of Roseville stepped up and partnered with Fuhrman Leamy Land Group on a design that includes, picnic areas, a play area, and open turf areas for play. We were proud to supply the fun! The blacksmith theme ties this park back to one of Roseville's pioneer families, the Astill's, whom the park is named after. Kids in the neighborhood really enjoy this small but mighty park. The 5-12 play structure is attached to a fun climbing structure that fits seamlessly. Fun climbing elements from UPC Parks add to the unique blacksmith theme and kids can let their imaginations go wild. On the other side of the open turf area there is a place to sit, relax and play a game on one of the game tables from Wabash Valley. We are glad the neighborhood finally got the park they dreamed of.

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