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Let's Get Moving with Outdoor Fitness Equipment!

We just welcomed a new year (and decade) and with it comes a fresh start! Every year getting fit and healthy is one of the top New Year's resolutions. Exercise and movement for kids, teens and adults is more important than ever in this every changing digital-focused world. Kids especially are not as active as they were a generation ago. Let's motivate the next generation and ourselves to get moving by getting outside and getting fit while having fun! Physical activity promotes overall well-being, and studies have shown countless lifelong benefits of regular fitness for physical health, cognitive fitness and more.

Adding Outdoor Fitness Equipment to your park, school, recreation area, or other community space can be beneficial in encouraging kids, teens and even adults to get moving and get fit! After working with many communities to introduce innovative outdoor fitness equipment, we’ve seen first-hand how our equipment helps promotes exercise and provides a fun place for all ages to gather outside.

Miracle Playsystems offers a wide variety of Outdoor Fitness Equipment products. We have products for all ages and can help make your outdoor space an exercise destination.

Miracle Recreation Champions Trek (ages 5-12)

The development of Champions Trek was inspired by the Ninja Warrior phenomenon, a popular sporting challenge featuring competitive, obstacle-course events that push the limit of strength and endurance. It builds on the Crossway Climbers concept with new action elements.

Champions Trek is comprised of a series of ground-based elements designed to: provide a thrilling, full-body workout; engage children who prefer a challenge over a traditional post-and-platform play; keep kids coming back to improve their performance; and provide a variety of play paths that encourage social interaction and game-play.

Champions Trek can be combined with existing MREC freestanding items for an exciting challenge—perfect for a variety of spaces and budgets. The Champions Trek collection consists of six challenging elements. These elements provide a thrilling, full-body workout that pushes the limits of fun! 

Miracle Recreation Outdoor Training Systems (ages 13+)

Whether the experience is fast-paced with maximum effort or simply stretching under the sun, MREC Outdoor Training System offers a comprehensive exercise system focused on improving strength, building muscle, increasing cardiovascular fitness, and burning fat. Place it along a fitness trail, work-out zone, high school or college field. Five exercise stations can be used as stand-alone events or configured together, creating the perfect outdoor training environment for either small groups or individual work-outs.

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness (School Age thru Seniors)

PARK FITNESS - Greenfields Outdoor Fitness playground equipment is enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels in parks worldwide. With a vast product line, Greenfields has something for everyone – from teenagers to seniors, fitness enthusiasts to the casual user. Greenfields’ unique and durable outdoor fitness equipment brings a social, multi-generational element to public spaces. And with the addition of Signature Accessible and Professional Series units to the fitness cluster, outdoor exercise can be enjoyed by more members of the community than ever before.

Check out this video for more about Park Fitness!

SCHOOL FITNESS - Greenfields’ outdoor fitness equipment for schools is a perfect match for schools and colleges, enabling students at various levels of fitness to enjoy activity in the fresh air and get away from their mobile devices, while socializing with their peers. Fitness zones at schools can also serve as joint-use areas, giving the rest of the community the chance to enjoy the equipment after school hours.

Check out this video for more about School Fitness!

SENIOR FITNESS - For the mature adult population, active aging is a tremendously important key to continued physical and emotional health. Greenfields offers a wide range of activities that help seniors regain lost agility and increase strength and flexibility. Multigenerational units allow for both safe and effective workouts regardless of the age or fitness level of the user. In addition, many items in Greenfields’ line feature multiple workout stations on the same unit, promoting socialization and increasing motivation. Greenfields offers its Signature Accessible line of equipment for those in wheelchairs, and the Professional Series with adjustable resistance for a workout that’s customized to individual needs.

Check out this video for more about Senior Fitness!

Norna Playgrounds Nature Fitness (all ages)

All of our natural playground fitness tools are manufactured, in sustainable materials, with low lifetime costs. They fit beautifully, in both forests and parks, with their beautiful and natural design language. The tools can stand separately, on a running route, or as an activity area. Regardless of how to integrate the natural fit's tools, there is ample opportunity for the entire body to be activated and strengthened. 

PW Athletics

Known throughout the industry as the leader in material quality, workmanship, and warranty. PW Athletic has been supplying sports equipment to schools, municipalities, and park districts for many years. PW Athletics is your go to for anything sports. They offer Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Pickleball, Football, Soccer, Tetherball and many more!

Recent Project Examples

Utilizing outdoor fitness playground equipment for schools can be beneficial in so many ways. This fitness cluster is the perfect structure to get the kids blood moving and work on their upper body strength. Lots of overhead climbing challenges allow the kids to use this circuit to play continually without touching the ground.  The structure was created in the schools colors that make it really stand out!

This 6.6-acre park was originally built in 1995 in the Hampton Village neighborhood of Elk Grove.  The renovated park has something for everyone to enjoy!  The playgrounds were renovated with separate areas for 2-5 and 5-12 year olds with customized Miracle play structures with bright, fun colors.  Adults and children can also come together and work out on the Miracle Recreation Fitness Equipment which is installed around the playground equipment.  This is another great example of using outdoor fitness playground equipment by bringing the whole community together in one park setting.

Want to learn more about our Outdoor Fitness Playground Equipment? Check out our Outdoor Fitness Page!

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