Friends of Lafayette Park Playground privately raised funds and engaged Miller Company to take on this design commission.

The playground features several custom designed natural play elements. “The Gorge” in the center of the playground is characterized by two boulder covered mountains connected by an arched wooden bridge. Playground users clamber over the natural rocks and boulders through a narrow passage and up and down the mountainsides, enjoy new hillside tube slides, and are challenged by climbing nets, and pipe rail climbers.

The “Raised River” environment that meanders through the playground delights children in an engaging water experience. Water is be pumped by children’s hands in three locations and flows through narrow channels and pools at changing levels accommodating varying ages as well as those in wheel chairs.

The natural rock “Snake’s Head” platform serves as an overlook and climbing destination, is connected to the crawl tunnel and forms the overhead for the children’s cave-house area.

Working with Miracle Playsystem’s HAGS equipment line, Miller Company designed a small children’s area within the playground with its own sand play zone, climbing structure, and swings appropriately scaled to challenge toddlers as well as older children’s climbing tower provides upper body activities and features the world’s longest monkey-bar experience.