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The State Preschool staff wanted to create a unique play environment to inspire movement, encourage socialization and spark the imaginations of 90 preschoolers in the Gilroy Unified School District. Construction Project Manager Jenny Derry had chosen UPC Parks Polycrete play structures for past playground projects, so she immediately thought of going with a UPC Parks themed play space to help fulfill the preschool’s vision, which is to bring nature into play.   The Miracle Playsystems design team along with Jenny’s input came up with an amazing playscape featuring a UPC Parks Native American themed design.  A Miracle Recreation Toddlers Choice play system was added to incorporate some traditional playground features such as a slide and rock climber.    The entire play space is functionally linked, creating a circular course where students can work on their gross motor skills by jumping and balancing from fun features such as the baby frogs head to the tip of the canoe.   Strategically placed poured-in-place rubber gives the illusion that the canoe is lazily floating down the river waiting for a passenger or two to hop on.

With the District’s vision and MPI’s design, the preschoolers at State Preschool at Glen View now have a play space where they can learn, develop and creating lasting memories.

Glen View Elementary

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Martin Luther King Jr. School of the Arts is located in Seaside, CA.   When the school’s current principal started there were only two structures in the playbox but she noticed it wasn’t usable for all of the students and their needs.  She chose to add one new structure, swings, a music elements and fitness equipment so there was something for everyone to play.  The students have the option to use the playbox for PE as well as play.  The fun color scheme gives the playground an added bit of pizzazz.

MLK Jr. School of the Arts

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The site supervisor wanted a calm environment for the students.  They specifically did not want any primary colors to give it a more neutral, relaxed, organic feel.  They wanted a new play experience for these students, one that would make it stand out from the other playgrounds.  A nature play theme was chosen to give the students a fun, safe place to play and explore the natural wonders of the world.  Equipment from Norna Playgrounds included a Climbing Pyramid, Stilts, Stump Seats, Playhouse and a Sensory Garden all installed over synthetic grass.

Marina Del Mar Preschool

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The new Roberts Lake Eco Recreation Station opened to the public this past July with a Ribbon Cutting ceremony attended by locals and children from a local summer camp.  The project features a nature-themed playground and an outdoor classroom that will be used to teach kids about ecology.  The pieces selected for the project come from our Norleg line of products which are known for their unique, natural looking play equipment.  The outdoor classroom programs will be designed to educate people on issues like water conservation, water ecology, and water quality.  The City of Seaside, in partnership with Sustainable Seaside, was selected as a Building Better Communities grant recipient from the American Water Charitable Foundation and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) which helps local communities develop environment-based educational play opportunities.  These types of play spaces can foster an appreciation for environmental stewardship while providing opportunities for physical activity.

Roberts Lake Eco Recreation Station

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Seaside Child Development Center wanted to push the limits of their school's new playground into something different. They decided that they wanted all wood and a natural feel with the equipment.

The designers here at Miracle used different manufactures to create this unique design for them. Elephant Play created some custom Robina wood structures featuring 2 steel slides, nets and under deck seat. The creation of the wooden boat with shade is a big hit with the kids. We used the Norna spider climber that kids can balance on, hang or hid in. The balancing post were simple and yet so effective to allow kids to perch and jump or have a seat. Percussion play musical instruments added to the play area. A large artificial turf mound and steel slide allows kids to climb, slide and work together to conquer the hill.

Seaside Children Development Center

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Talk about a kids paradise!  Kids are enjoying the recently revamped playground at Sinsheimer Park.  The half-acre playground is a multi-level, action packed hub of activity.  Taking advantage of the sloped site, the design features a 3-story tower, five large slides ranging from 12 to 18 feet tall, a climbing wall, a snowboard simulator, swings and a zipline.  One of the most popular attractions is the synthetic grass covered slope, 14 feet high, that allows kids to free-form slide, roll, and tumble into the protective surfacing below.  You can just picture the squeals of delight coming from the children as they experience all of these fun elements.  The play environment is almost entirely accessible; the exception being the top floor of the tower.  This provides a rare opportunity for mobility-impaired people to enjoy a richer, more integrated play experience.  The park, located next to Sinsheimer Elementary School, is one of 33 in the city and also features a pool complex, baseball stadium, softball field and tennis courts.

Sinsheimer Park

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