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Miracle Playsystems wants to help you and your communities get back to normal.  We are working with our Grant Specialist who is committed to helping us help you! ​Miracle Playsystems would like to offer support by providing you with this grant opportunity:

Looking to the "FUTURE" Grant ~ These grants are for future projects including replacements or upgrades to facilities, repairs to outdated equipment, and improvements to your community gathering spaces.

​​We are here to help you get a jump start in getting the ball rolling to secure funding for these services and improvements.

​Please fill out the form and we will determine what resources we can offer to help you secure grant funding to get you running again once all of this settles.

Note:  Grants are not guaranteed and not every client will be an awardee.  Processing times may vary on getting grant approval.

Apply for a Grant to help with

Covid-19 Recovery for your Community

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