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Philip Marx Central Park


This 5 acre park, full of mature trees and beautiful grass, is home to the large Kid Choice Mega Tower structure! This park has a large kid’s playground that Miracle Playsystems designed that included both a 5-12 and 2-5 structure as well as swings spring riders and hop rocks linked to climbing. The Mega tower features a 14’ deck with a crawl tube that goes around the top of the deck. It has a 14’ tube slide that will get kids down in a hurry. Two additional slides are set lower for those younger kids and it’s got lots of exciting climbing challenges. The 2-5 kids structure is just the right size for little ones to practice their climbing skills before they graduate to the larger structure. The park also features a fun ground crawl tube for hide and seek and a maypole for some spinning action. The colors the client chose were a nice twist on a natural color pallet with some fun pops of cyan and chartreuse.

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