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Harry Corren Park


This 2,600 SF neighborhood park is located in the upscale community of Spanos Park - locally known to be the most spirited residential development by the A.G. Spanos Companies. This neighborhood park is located 3525 AG Spanos Blvd in Stockton, CA. and features a new Miracle Playsystems playground design intended to serve kids and neighbors of all ages. Colorful, yet sophisticated, this playground includes graduated play elements that the neighborhood kids will be able to learn and grow on throughout their childhood. The UPC rock climbers add that extra perceived risk for the dare devils, while simultaneously selected to be complimentary to the natural surroundings. During the summer this tree lined park and lush grass field is a favorite gathering place for music lovers to enjoy small music festivals. Wanting to keep that spirit alive all year round, the Percussion Play free standing music items were the perfect addition for this redesign. The park was named after a gentleman named, Harry Corren. Known as a friend to all, “A gold-hearted guy who inspired sincere admiration from minorities in our diverse but not always tolerant town”, “The epitome of what we want America to be was Harry Corren.” Known for his goodwill, spirituality and respect for other faiths, it was an honor for Miracle Playsystems to have this opportunity redesign a new playground to keep Harry’s spirit alive and for all to enjoy.

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