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Paddock Park

San Mateo

Built on the site of an old airfield, Bay Meadows Racecourse was the longest continually operating thoroughbred racetrack in California, having been founded on November 13, 1934 until its closure on August 17, 2008. Seabiscuit and Shoemaker raced at Bay Meadows in a time filled with excitement and pageantry. With the racetrack closure, the single largest redevelopment project in the San Francisco Bay Area was underway. The Development Manager Wilson Meany began planning a comprehensive transit oriented community. Conger, Moss, Guillard Landscape Architecture was contracted for Parks and Public Area Design and approached Miracle Playsystems to help design playgrounds for what would be the new Paddock Park. Paddock Park is well-positioned in the heart of the new urban village now known as the Bay Meadows Community.

Miracle Playsystems has had a long working relationship with the City of San Mateo and thus our equipment was hand selected to be featured in this new prestigious project. The use of color to reflect the vibrant and highly energetic environment was critical in the design development. CMG chose contemporary post and deck Miracle designs with cascading steel curved shade roofs. Here, one experiences the same festive energy and enthusiasm that inspired the early racing days while feeling an equally powerful and motivating sense of hope, aspiration and achievement.

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