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Osage Station Park


Osage Station Park is only a short distance from the Iron Horse Regional Trail, and as the name implies, this trail was once a rail corridor. It was the presence of the railway that provided the original theme for the park. This 35-acre park has something for everyone! It features tennis courts, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, play areas, picnic areas, a rose garden, and a path around the park. The play area is an inclusive, sustainable and safe play area where children can let their imaginations run wild! The old west theme of the playground ties into the old railway history. Some thematic elements include: a tot area modeled after an old western train station, complete with clock tower, passenger platform and play train; the youth play area is a rambling old town with a bank, hotel, saloon and jail; the complementary pieces include an embankment slide, mining themed spring rider, flashing railroad crossing arms, climbing barrels and a rubber surfaced “mesa” for kids to scramble on.

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