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Central Park Adventure Playground


The City of Fremont which sits at the southern tip of the 510 Freeway, has always been a city of diversity. It was formed in 1956 as the consolidation of five smaller communities, and is now part of the Tri-City area of Fremont, Union City and Newark.

Central Park, which sits on Lake Elizabeth is flanked by four different playgrounds. The newest of which is referred to as Adventure Playground which re-opened in 2012. Central Park playground is the crown jewel of the Tri-City area.

Starting in 2010 the City of Fremont began coordinating with us to come up with a truly amazing and remarkable play area that would transform the parks existing play spaces and dwarf most every park around it in its sheer size and magnitude. From the entirely custom designed trees house that stands 28’ tall that allows kids to climb safely to the top of it, to the rickety bridges which connect the different decks together, to the countless tree climbers, net bridges and “Robinson Crusoe” style adventure course… this playground has it all.

Because of our access to multiple vendors and product suppliers, we were able to create designs for the city’s Landscape Architect that met the needs of the City as well as the community who would be using the equipment.

On opening day the new Central Park playground was the most heavily attended playground opening the city had ever had and to this day stands as one of the most exciting and grand playgrounds in all of the East Bay.

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