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Creating Fun Play Environments to Enrich Communities!

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Alameda Point Playground


Alameda Point Playground, Alameda


Miracle Playsystems is your leading play equipment design, distribution, and specialty contracting firm (with DIR registry and a California Contracting License) providing public agencies and architects with unique and visually stunning design solutions. Our dedicated team of sales, design, and construction experts will help you through each phase of your project, ensuring the utmost quality, value, and outstanding customer service.


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Miracle is pleased to offer you Designing Play, the leading playground design blog for outdoor playgrounds, school playground equipment, design planning, and much more.
Miracle invites industry professionals and our customers to explore innovations in design planning, effective project management and inclusive play. Join our design and project teams as they share ideas, discuss successful projects and explore cost-saving ideas!



At Miracle Playsystems we believe award-winning playground design projects begin with a strong partnership -- a diverse community of planners and parents, administrators and advocates for children. Getting it right takes experience, and we've learned a lot over our 15-year history. Together we explore ideas like nature play, physical fitness, inclusive environments and more.


When playgrounds are built in close relation to the natural world we're supporting the value of appreciating the environment and forming creative ways for children to interact with nature. Leveraging natural elements like pathways, entrances and gardens are just a few of the creative ways for children to interact with nature in the play space.

Together with our client project community we also include inclusive play -- designing meaningful outdoor playground equipment and environments that bring people of different abilities together. Physical differences don't need to stand in the way of shared experiences, and developing a space that focuses on the child's experience of discovery -- while also accounting for mobility -- brings people together.

Details matter, and playground site amenities like bike racks, shade structures and dog parks are always a part of our design planning process. When thinking about your list of requirements and surveying the area where benches, fountains, shelters and signage work best, our designers and account managers are thinking about the space far into the future. With hundreds successful projects in our portfolio, we strive to get each detail right.

Miracle works with schools and city-planners from across Northern California and Central California, providing a special balance of knowledgeable and personal service that's hard to find these days. We can work with your plan that's ready to go, or provide ideas on what you’d like to see and prepare complete design files of your vision. We can also come to you with a lunch & learn presentation to bring you up to date on our the newest products!


Contact a sales representative in your area today to get the process started!

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