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How to Get A Custom Themed Playground Design on a Budget

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b1In these budget conscience times, we are all paying attention to the bottom line, trying to maximize value for our dollar. Schools, cities and public agencies need to be especially mindful of budgets when spending, especially on capital projects like playgrounds. And yet, everyone wants a playground that inspires, rather than a “cookie cutter” look just like the next playground down the street. Fortunately, Miracle Playsystems works with designers and manufacturers to make custom looking designs on a budget.

At Miracle Playsystems our designers are knowledgeable about market demands. We use affordable stock components in new and creative ways to deliver unique designs that can meet demands within any budget. MPS is partnered with multiple playground equipment manufacturers so that our clients are not only limited to Miracle products, but also are at liberty to choose products that best suits their needs.

For innovative one-of-a-kind designs, Miracle Playsystems uses basic stock products that are mixed and matched in various unique ways. For example, we can design a playground with Rocks and Ropes Adventure Playgrounds and HAGS to stream a completely original design and achieve a recognizable themed playground that you’ve been visualizing.

Las Palmas Park is one example of Miracle Playsystems affordably priced themed designs. The project relies on many of the basic stock products we have, put together in such a way to fit a theme! Las Palmas has a Polynesian influence with lava tube slides and tiki hut canopies. Within minutes of visiting you will be taken away to a tropical island.


Lafayette Park in San Francisco is another example of a custom themed design. For this concept, Miracle Playsystems worked with Miller Company to provide a design that connects nature to a child’s sense of exploration, adventure, and fantasy. Miller Company utilized multiple manufacturers to create an alternate realm of castles and dragons.


Custom themed surfacing is another possibility when designing playgrounds. It provides a great alternative for the simple recurring woodchip flooring. Not only is surfacing incredibly affordable, it also adds an extra element to imaginative play. Woodfield Park in Lathrop uses No Fault Safety Surfacing to create an underwater sea adventure. The variation of bright colors combined with lurching shark decals creates movement and fluidity throughout the park that sparks the imagination.

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HAGS, Miracle and UPC product lines offer standard models to fit many themes. Create an Old West theme by combining Miracle’s saloon style structures with UPC train cars, or introduce kids to the Age of Exploration with a nautical theme. By blending Miracle’s caravel replica with custom themed surfacing, you can sail all the way back through history to 1492. Simply combine designs and your options for a custom themed playground are limitless.

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Visiting a playground should be an exciting event and each playground should offer children a unique and memorable experience. Today, kids are exposed to multiple media channels at once causing shorter attention spans and a dire need for physical and mental stimulation – and — play is proven to promote successful growth of the body and the brain. At Miracle Playsystems, we give clients non-traditional designs that capture the imagination and encourage children and families to keep coming back for years to come.


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