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Back to School – Time for Improvements!

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It’s a parent’s favorite time of the year, the kids are back at school!  Kids all over the country are back in the classroom learning new things, making new friends and settling into their new routine.  While everyone is worried about getting to school on time, homework, and after school activities, we don’t always think about the kids favorite time of the day, RECESS!  Playgrounds, sports fields and outdoor community areas where kids come together and socialize and play together are a very important part of school.  Recess is a time where they can get their wiggles out, sit and talk to their friends, play a friendly game together, and just take an important break from learning.  It’s important to not forget about these places and to make sure the equipment and amenities are up to par and to code so every kid has a safe place to utilize during the all important break from the school day.

Needs Assessment

When is the last time you took inventory of your playground’s equipment and other site amenities around the campus?  There is no time like the present to take a good inventory to determine which are most in need of upgrades or replacements.  It is no small task to take on but essential to ensuring children’s safety.  Fortunately, Miracle Playsystems offers school districts a free Needs Assessment that will essentially do this work for you! 

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Creating Playful Places

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Creating a successful play environment goes beyond just the play structure itself. We try to create special places for people to enjoy, bring happiness and make memories. These spaces have the potential to serve as the catalyst for transforming neighborhoods into communities. To ensure we create quality public spaces that encourage social interaction and physical activity, landscape architects and planners take many aspects into consideration to create a great sense of place. MPI_PlaceMaking

The term sense of place is often used in relation to those characteristics that make a place special or unique, as well as to those that foster a sense of authentic human attachment and belonging. Landscape Architecture/History: John Brinckerhoff Jackson, A Sense of Place, a Sense of Time “A sense of place is something that we ourselves create in the course of time. It is the result of habit or custom…. A sense of place is reinforced by what might be called a sense of recurring events.” 

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be informed – Summer Construction Season 2015

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Blue Goose Park, Brentwood

It’s official, June is here and with it brings the start of construction season. 

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Be Inspired – Themed Play

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Just imagine! A place where imaginative play, social play and adventure are embraced. You dream it and we will design it. Bring us your ideas and we will create custom themed designs to bring your inspiration to life. One way to leave a lasting impression is to weave an impressive theme into its design, even if it is a simple one. Individual parts can be combined to make a playground that tells a story. 

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Heather Farm Park, Walnut Creek – Inclusive Playground

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All Abilities Playground at Heather Farm Park opened in October, 2014!Heather-Farm-(1) 

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Fantastic Playground Curves Mean Elegance in Fun

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Streamlined designs put on a show for the eye. Twisting turns and swooping lines can take a bland design and make it extremely eye catching. With playscapes, fantastic curves make for elegance in terms of aesthetics, but also promote fun, flow, and even safety. Playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment should help beautify a place such as a park, church, school, or community event center. When the right amount of curvy movement comes together with functionality and durability, a great thing happens, a playground is created that will improve the space it’s in while looking good. 

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Fun Water Playgrounds to Keep You Cool All Summer

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A fun aquatic play environment goes as far in the summer as a humongous water balloon fight or a day at the lake, complete with paddle boats and all. These destination sites are pretty much amazing and all enjoy their attractive water jets and alluring fountains. So gather round frog and flower sprayers alike and cool off with all your friends and family at the local water spray park today. If designing a new water spray park for your community, you may want to keep a few things in mind… 

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Protect the Children on Your Playground, Beat the Heat, Choose Sun Ports

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On a sunny day, shade structures will be especially lovely to have around.

There is no question that the sun poses more risk than ever in terms of skin damage, heat stroke, and even some forms of cancer. Not to mention, getting a nasty burn won’t just ruin your day, it’ll ruin your whole week. For this reason, it is important to stay in the shade during the heat of the day and always wear hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Sun Port Shade Structures have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide top notch shade structures that cover playgrounds, pools, and parks so that children can get a break from the sun and beat the heat. 

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